Selenium Testing (Automation) Course

Course Details

Duration: 55 Hours

Batch Type: Virtual Class

Training Level: Expert Level

“Selenium WebDriver” course is designed for all who want to learn Web Application Automation Testing with Framework using the open source tool “Selenium”. 

This online Instructor-led Selenium Certification Training is well-aligned with the current industrial training approach. It expansively covers Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Selenium IDE, Hybrid Framework, Locating techniques and more.

This course is specially bundled Topic-wise Practices on real scenarios, MCQs & Case Studies that will help you to automate the Web application with frameworks.


 After completion of this Certified Selenium course :

  • The participants can learn and apply the concepts related to Basic & Advanced Selenium and frameworks such as POM, TestNG & JUnit.
  •  The participants can acquire a very good grip on Automation using Selenium, Frameworks, so that he or she is able to implement the gathered knowledge successfully to work on automation projects.
  • The participants can be able to clear the technical interviews within 2 years of experience in selenium automation.
  • Manual Test Engineers who want to switch to Selenium Automation can join.
  • Working Professionals(in Manual or Java) can join to add new technical skills to their profile. 
  • Entry Level Selenium Automation Engineers can brush up their skills working with a framework.
  • BE/B-Tech/BSc/BCA/MCA Students or Job Aspirants can join to acquire testing skills for their career.
  • Complete course includes theory, case studies & hands on project.
  • Each class will be very interactive and practical based in nature.
  • Class mode will be Online via Google Meet or Webex or Zoom App.
  • Soft copies of Course materials will be provided.
  • Off class Interaction & Trainer support through WhatsApp group.

Selenium WebDriver with Java  

Part – 1  (Introduction) :

  • STLC – Software Testing Life Cycle introduction.
  • What is Automation Testing? When to Automate?
  • Why Selenium?
  • Object Identification.
  • Object Repository
  • Parameterization
  • How to maintain the test data
  • Framework Detailed Analysis
  • What is Compatibility Testing?
  • Different flavors of Selenium
  •  Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Grid
  • Selenium RC

Part – 2 (Selenium- WebDriver Automation) :

  • Creation of testbed.
  • Features of Selenium as an automation testing tool
  • Introduction to Selenium WebDriver
  • Locators in Selenium
  • What is a Web developer?
  • XPath is a locator

Part – 3 

(Strategies for locating different web elements and validating the same) :

  • Relative XPath – How to write?
  • Absolute XPath – How to write?
  • What is dynamic XPath? How to work with the dynamic XPath?
  • CSS Selector – How to write?
  • Usage of ChroPath / SelectorsHub for locator information
  • What is ChroPath?
  • How to use ChroPath to ease our task for locator information?
  • Working with id
  • Working with Name and tagName
  • Working with Link Text and Partial Link Text

Part – 4 (Automating different types of web element) :

  • Input box
  • Links
  • Images
  • Radio button
  • Button
  • checkbox 
  • drop-down list
  • Web Table
  • Frames
  • Calendar
  • How to handle CAPTCHA using selenium WebDriver?

Part – 5 (Scenarios based)

  • Hard code values for functionality
  • Keyboard Input through Scanner Class
  • Keypress events
  • Scroll up, Scroll down 
  • Synchronization concepts: Using thread.sleep() for wait, Using Implicit wait, Using Explicit wait
  • Different Exceptions handling in script
  • Browser operations
  • Performing cross-browser testing using Selenium WebDriver
  • JavaScript Executor
  • Parameterization using  Xls , .csv
  • Working with a function library
  • Reading XPath from the external data source – properties file
  • Object repository – POM , .properties file
  • Working with Excel test case
  • Locators to identify links
  • Working with similar web elements – tagName
  • Working with Excel test case – Apache POI
  • Using Collections in Automation script

Part – 6 (Framework Based:)

  • Test NG Framework
  • Test NG Annotations
  • Test NG asserts
  • Creation of execution log using log4j
  • Working with test execution customized reports – Extent reports, testing html report
  • Working with test execution customized reports
  • Working with POM – Page object model
  • POM using FindBy
  • Creation of Maven project, adding dependencies in pom.xml

Part – 7 (Case Study Automation)

  • Understanding/creating requirement document using standard process template.
  • Creation of Test plan , test scenarios , test cases design + test data using standard process templates.
  • Preparing framework blueprint
  • Automating using Hybrid Framework : Maven Project + Test NG + POM + Log folder for log file + Extent Report
  • Test Execution Report creation and customization using Extent Report , Test NG html report analysis
  • Working with review check-list for pear review and final review

Note : In addition to the above mentioned content we will discus about the conceptual and scenario based interview questions which will definitely increase self confidence in attending the technical interviews.

About Trainer

Hi, I am Gayatri Mishra, a freelance IT coach. I having more than 11 Years of Industry Experience into Training & Development.

I have worked with companies like, Wipro, Congnizant, IQVIA, Zensar Technologies etc.

Student Testimonials

“I had a great experience for learning selenium and also I learnt about how to interact and focus on the goals by putting efforts in it. Great experience and worthy.Thank you. “


Ashwini Bailmare

Attended Selenium Automation

“I feel lucky to get training from you. I belonged to the non-case background so I was a bit under confident but I got very good training from your side that I understood everything very seamlessly. Thank you so much, Mam, for all your contribution and support. Hope we will be in touch. I am so gratefully to you. “


Rajesh Dusad

Attended Software Testing

“Gayatri Mishra mam made everyone feel very comfortable, able to contribute and take something away. Excellent content and very knowledgeable trainer. Interesting and stimulating. she is very friendly and made me feel at ease. Very helpful and informative. I really liked the training approach. Very supportive and relaxed. Her approach benefited me in terms of confidence. A relaxed and empowering training– very encouraging with a lot of practical work. “


Dhanashree Diwate

Attended Selenium

” Gayatri is a very impactful trainer with great hands on on testing and java. I personally joined a few sessions with her and my learning was vast. I wish to learn more from her. “


Ayontika Nath

Attended Selenium

“Teaching is so crisp and clear. Was able to learn selenium within less time and also started coding. Training was really very helpful. “



Attended Selenium

“Training was very helpful. Best for beginners as well for those who know the basics of java. Explanation with real time examples was very good approach. Really helped me to become an expert in java and crack the interview. “



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